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At the international level, Mexican avocado production stands out as number one, with 1,316 thousand tons, of which 722,000 tons of avocado were exported in 2019, contributing more than 45% of the world export market. The most important markets for Mexico are: United States of America, Canada and Japan. At the level of the state of Michoacán, the main avocado producer in the country, a spill of 750 million pesos is estimated, the creation of 40 thousand permanent jobs, 9 million wages per year and 60 thousand seasonal jobs linked to indirect activities. The fundamental purpose was to analyze the competitiveness of the Mexican avocado during the period from 1995 to 2019 within the world market, derived from the surplus that exists in production. Within the specific objectives, the following trade competitiveness indicators had to be calculated: Lafay's Specialization Indicator, Revealed Comparative Advantage Index (IVCR) and Glubel Lloyd Index (IGLL). The results obtained determine that avocado production in Mexico is highly competitive at the international level.


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