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Excerpts from the Reasons for Study: Under a larger regional project this study was undertaken to (1) obtain basic data on the relative importance of the different outlets to producers of eggs in the several States and in the region; (2) to learn some of the marketing services performed by producers, themselves, in marketing; and (3) to learn about some of the seasonal changes in producers choice of outlets and changes in marketing practices. An immediate reason for obtaining information regarding outlets was to provide information related to certain of the findings concerning quality in eggs that were being developed in the region. Price information was sought in order to provide (1) an independent check on prices as published by other sources; (2) an appraisal of price differences between the States and areas of the region; and (3) a comparison of prices paid by the different outlets. It was thought that this information would be useful to farmers, to the egg-marketing industry and to research workers.


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