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Excerpts from the report Explanation: This bulletin provides a summary of several statistical series, relating to farm-to-retail price spreads and marketing charges for farm products which have been developed in the Bureau of Agricultural Economics and published since 1935. The latest basic publication for foods, containing monthly data beginning January 1913, was Price Spreads Between Farmers and Consumers for Food Products, 1913-44, Miscellaneous Publication 576, which has been out of print since 1947. A statistical supplement (processed) which was released in June 1947 carried monthly data for the period January 1944 through March 1947. Current monthly estimates are released in "The Marketing and Transportation Situation," issued by the Bureau. To the data for foods there are added here two series of farm-retail price spreads for nonfood farm products: Cotton products and tobacco products. The data for cotton products begin with 1927 on an annual basis for a group of 42 cotton articles and show quarterly estimates for the 3 years 1946-48. Annual series are provided for each of three selected individual cotton articles. Price spreads for a group of four principal tobacco products are calendar-year annual averages; they begin with 1926.


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