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Excerpts from the report Conclusion: Previous estimates suggested that accessible and sustainable corn residue supplies are adequate for a new biomass processing industry. Revision is justified now because the agronomic and economic environment has changed. Also, there is an interest in the location of low cost biomass supplies. The revised estimates of corn stover cost and supply fit today’s yield and input situation. The revised estimates confirm that corn stover supplies could be a low cost feedstock for a low cost and extensive bioenergy industry. Supplies of 100 million metric tons of stover would be available to an established industry at a delivered plant price between $37.5/ton and $40.5/ton. At moderately higher prices, the feedstock for a 10.5 MGY ethanol industry would be available. Several offsetting changes in economic environment and technology have occurred since we calculated our first estimates, but the new supply estimate is still slightly larger. Stover cost remains highly competitive in today’s energy market.


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