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The purpose of the work is to characterize the impact of LAGs on the socio-economic development processes of peripheral regions of Eastern Poland. The subject of the study were LAGs established and operating in 5 voivodships from the Eastern Poland Macroregion. The method of literature analysis, diagnostic survey and statistical analysis were used in the work. Based on random selection, the survey was conducted in 2019 with the use of direct interviews directed to 390 members from 26 LAGs (27.7% of 94 operating in voivodships of the Eastern Poland Macroregion). The results of the research on the impact of LAGs operating in peripheral regions on development processes for the period 2014-2020 coincide with results regarding the impact of LAGs on development in an earlier period of their operation. The positive effects of these organizations are generally recognized by the LAGs community. In the context of the evaluation of LAGs functioning in the period 2014-2020, it is important to state the extension of the range of perceived effects, including economic development. Local communities gathered in LAGs recognize the need for these organizations to function and their complementary nature with other institutions operating in rural areas.


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