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The purpose of the study was to attempt to present examples of projects related to direct sales within the Małopolskie Province aimed at selling and promoting certified organic products. Direct sales are one of the best forms of a distribution channel between a food producer and a consumer. Direct contact gives measurable benefits on both sides of this chain, fosters raising the quality of offered products and ecological awareness among consumers. The offer proposed by producers often includes certified organic products. The Małopolskie Province is characterised by high agricultural fragmentation. In order to survive on the market, small farms change the profile of their farms, often to organic plant production. Growing awareness of customers with regard to ecology causes producers to strive to certify their farms. This is certainly connected with quality and food security. The analysis covered two types of projects that are characterised by an innovative approach: the project and Targ Pietruszkowy (Parsley Market) in Cracow. The research tool was an interview questionnaire, and the research method was a case study. The research was conducted among the leaders of both projects in 2018. The project and Targ Pietruszkowy in Cracow are very good examples of direct sales and the promotion of certified organic food with the simultaneous familiarisation of customers with the values of such products. This is possible due to direct contacts of food producers with consumers.


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