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The study analyses selected economic aspects of the innovative activity of industrial and service enterprises in Poland by voivodships. The share of innovation-active enterprises and innovative enterprises as well as the share of enterprise revenue from sales of new or significantly improved products in total sales revenue were analyzed. The study was prepared based on available secondary sources. The analysis applies to selected years of the period 2008-2017 due to the completeness and comparability of data. It was found, inter alia, that within the scope of measures of innovation adopted in the study, there were multidirectional fluctuations in voivodships. A positive relationship was found between expenditure on innovation activities and the share of revenue from the sale of new or significantly improved products in the total revenue from sales of most industrial enterprises, while a negative relationship was found in the case of service enterprises. One can notice occurring polarization among voivodships in the scope of their parameters subjected to analysis. This is confirmed by the fact that Poland is continuously divided into voivodships that are leaders of innovative activities, as well as those that require special assistance in this respect.


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