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Non-timber forest products (NTFPs) contribute significantly to the livelihood, food, and nutrition security of rural communities and forest dwellers. Earlier studies on NTFPs emphasized the economic importance, sustainability aspects, and commercialization of NTFPs, and highlighted the importance of strong value chains if NTFPs were to fulfill their economic potential for communities and people who rely on them. Formulation of proper policy and commercialization of NTFPs through their value chain will require a thorough review of existing research to identify the policy loopholes. A review of literature sought to determine whether research on NTFPs links to sustainable livelihood, policy, and value chains using clustering and visual network visualization. The results of the study reveal four domain clusters indicating a mix of traditional and evolved approaches toward strengthening of the NTFP value chain. Policy issues on NTFP have also evolved as one of the important clusters of research. The study recommends the mapping of value chains in the NTFP research to guide the pursuit of holistic and sustainable livelihood security.


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