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Small farm operators constituted half of all southern farm operators in 1969. Each sold less than $2,500 worth of agricultural products; collectively, they contributed about 4 percent of the South's total agricultural sales. Yet, small farmers controlled an important portion on the South's agricultural resources. They operated over 15 percent of all the South’s land in farms and owned more than 20 percent of land owned by farm operators. They owned land and buildings valued at over $12.3 billion or 18.4 percent of total farm property value for the South. They held about 19 percent of the value of all machinery and equipment and supplied over 20 percent of all land rented to others by farm operators. Minority farm operators were almost 8 percent of all farm operators in the South. These farm operators were unique in that they differed from their white counterparts in most measures identified in this report. This report identifies, compares, and contrasts resources and characteristics of small farm operators in the 13 southern States. Small farmers are described by race and economic class.


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