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Compared with the 1972 season, average ginning volumes and rates of capacity utilization in the 1973 season were substantially higher for cotton gins in West Texas, appreciably lower in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, and essentially unchanged in the Blacklands. Weighted average total costs per bale, compared with the 1972 season, were: West Texas--$25.00, down 4 percent; Lower Rio Grande Valley--$35.13, up 51 percent; and the Blacklands--$25.74, up 12 percent. Weighted average out-of-pocket costs per bale, compared with the previous season, were $0.08 lower in West Texas, $9.64 higher in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, and $.2.78 higher in the Blacklands. During the 1973 season, average ginning revenues per bale from all sources were: West Texas--$40.95, Lower Rio Grande Valley--$45.97, and Blacklands--$35.25. The resulting per bale weighted average profit margins above total costs were West Texas--$15.75, the Lower Rio Grande Valley--$10.84, and the Blacklands--$9.51.


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