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Farmers used 494 million pounds of pesticides in 1971 (exclusive of sulfur and petroleum)—a 40-percent increase over 1966. Crops accounted for close to 94 percent of the use of these pesticides. Herbicides, the major farm pesticide products, accounted for 228 million pounds, twice the amount in 1966. Almost all of the herbicides were used on crops, and 45 percent of these on corn. Farmers used about 170 million pounds of insecticides in 1971, up 14 percent over 1966. Cotton was the major recipient of insecticide products, accounting for over 47 percent of those used on crops. Farm use of fungicides amounted to almost 42 million pounds, and miscellaneous pesticides accounted for over 54 million pounds. Information is presented on leading products such as methyl parathion, toxaphene, and 2,4-D. Approximately 96 pesticides (individual products or groups of products) are included in the study, which is based on a survey of about 8,600 farmers throughout the United States (excluding Alaska). Survey data were expanded to represent regional and U.S. pesticide usage for selected crops, livestock, and other purposes.


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