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This report provides information on pesticide expenditures by U.S. farmers in 1966 and some comparisons with 1964. Data are based on a survey conducted in 1967 to measure pesticide use by farmers in 1966. Expenditures for pesticides in crop and livestock production and for other purposes are examined. Expenditures are also reported by type of pesticide, including fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and several others. The study is based on a survey of about 9,600 farmers throughout the United States, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Survey data were expanded to represent regional and U.S. expenditures for pest control on farms. Findings show that farmers' total pesticide expenditures were $561 million in 1966, with almost $506 million spent for crop protection alone. Herbicides were 48 percent of total crop pesticide expenditures, insecticides were more than 38 percent, and fungicides were close to 7 percent. Total pesticide expenditures for crop production in 1966 exceeded those in 1964 by 17 percent. The total cost for pesticides used on livestock and their surroundings was over $29 million, about the same as in 1964. Pesticide costs for other farm uses amounted to $26 million.


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