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Excerpts from the report Preface: This report presents estimates of the economic consequences of restricting the use of organochlorine insecticides on selected crops in the United States. Farmers are the primary focus. But the effects of such action would extend to the pesticide industry, consumers, and the total environment. Restriction is viewed as a means of reducing, not banning, the use of organochlorines by farmers. It includes the substitution of other insecticides to the maximum that would still provide effective control with known technology and maintain production at reasonable costs. The estimates assume no substantial changes in insect infestations. Data on farm use of insecticides for 1966, the most recent available, are the foundation for the analysis. All quantities of insecticides are expressed in pounds of active chemical ingredients. The terms organochlorines, organophosphorus compounds, and carbamates refer to insecticides only.


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