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Excerpts from the report Summary: Approximately 94 percent of all farmers in the United States used pesticides in 1964. For pesticide materials alone, farmers spent an estimated $479 million--$424 million for crops, $31 million for livestock, $17 million for treatment of land not in crop production, and $7 million for rodent control. This is a revision of the previously reported total of $514 million and is based on a more detailed expansion of the sample data. In 1964, $114 million was spent for pesticides used on cotton, more than for any other crop. Over 90 percent of the total acreages in apples, other deciduous fruits, and tobacco were treated. Among all crops, costs for pesticide materials ranged from an average of 56 cents an acre for wheat to $53.40 an acre for apples. Almost 60 percent of the acreage in corn--the most widely grown crop in the United States--was treated at an average cost of $1.87 an acre. Fruits and vegetables were more likely to be treated than were field crops, the survey showed.


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