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Excerpts from the report Highlights: Rural housing is less adequate than urban housing primarily because a larger percentage of rural homes lack inside plumbing. Of the 17.6 million occupied and unoccupied rural housing units in 1960, 3.7 million did not have water piped inside. Of the 40.8 million urban housing units, only 0.4 million lacked this convenience. In 1960, there were 8.5 million occupied substandard units in the United States; 4.8 million were located in rural areas. Of the substandard rural units, 2.0 million lacked inside plumbing, 1.7 million lacked some plumbing facilities, and 1.1 million were dilapidated. Nearly two-thirds of the occupants of substandard housing in rural areas in 1960 had family incomes of less than $3,000 a year.


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