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Excerpts from the report Summary: The rapid growth of population, income, and agricultural production in the Western Region raises questions about future changes in the production, processing, and marketing of farm food products in the Region. Shifts in consumption from fresh fruits and vegetables and relatively unprocessed foods to processed foods and from starchy foods to meat products and processed fruits and vegetables affect to some extent, the quantities of these foods produced within the Region. Such shifts also affect the quantities of food shipped into and out of the Region and the kinds of processing and distribution services required. Based on the projections of this study, it is likely that the Western Region will tend to specialize more in the production, processing, and marketing of fresh and processed fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beet sugar, and to ship in more dairy products, meat, poultry, and flour products. Production as a percentage of consumption within the Western Region will increase only slightly for the former group of commodities and either decline slowly or remain about the same for the latter commodities. However, small changes in the ratio of production to consumption in the Region result in large changes in the quantities shipped in or out, because of the growth and size of the market in the Western Region.


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