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Excerpts from the report Summary: The confectionery industry--candy, candied fruits and other confectionery products, chewing gum, chocolate and cocoa products--uses a larger quantity of corn sirup, more than one-third of the total consumption, than any other food industry in the United States. It also uses nearly one-tenth of the sugar and more than one-twentieth of the dextrose consumed in the United States. The total quantity of sugar, corn sirup, and dextrose delivered to confectionery industry increased during the period 1952-61 at an average rate of about 25,000 tons a year, of which 20,000 tons were sugar, 5,000 corn sirup, and 360 dextrose. The increase in the use of these products was only slightly faster than the growth of population in the United States. Per capita use increased only about 6 percent from 1952 to 1961.


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