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Excerpt from report summary: U.S. tree nut industries receive little public attention because they are small relative to some of the major staple crop industries and because their products are often ignored luxury ingredients of our most delectable food products. This report brings together information concerning the production and marketing of our major domestic tree nuts—almonds, filberts, pecans, and walnuts. The growth of the tree nut industries has been rapid since the early 1900’s. From 1930 to 1963; almond production increased 309 percent, pecans about 400 percent, and walnuts 157 percent. Percentage increases in filbert production were greater, but filberts comprise a small part of the total. All of the almonds are produced in California; filberts are produced in Oregon and Washington; and walnuts are produced in California, Oregon, and Washington. Pecans are produced in 14 Southeastern and South-central States.


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