This working paper deals with wood balances for Germany for the years 2017, 2018 and 2019 and the updated timeseries for specific key figures. For the calculation the unit cubic meters of roundwood equivalent (m³(r)) is used as reference unit. The wood balance displays total supply and total use of wood and wood-based products. On the supply side, the wood balance comprises the annual fellings, the quantity of domestic recovered paper and recovered wood and the imports. The use side shows the exports and apparent domestic consumption. Changes in stocks of wood products are also recorded. The balance volume in 2017 accounts to 266.1 million m³(r), which equals an increase of 3.4 % compared to 2016. In 2018 a further increase of 2.1 % to a total of 271.8 million m³(r) can be reported. However, 2019 shows a decrease of 3.0 % to 263.5 million m³(r) according to pre-liminary trade data. Apparent domestic consumption increases in 2017 about 0.8 % compared to 2016. 2018 shows a decline of 2.1 % to 127.4 million m³(r) and 2019 (provisional) a further decrease of 3.7 % to 122.7 million m³(r). In 2018, 77.7 million m³(r) of domestic consumption accounted for wood products and 49.6 million m³(r) accounted for paper products.


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