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Excerpt from report summary: Planted acreage in 1961 was the smallest since 1930, a peak year for total cropland acreage. Total acreage planted in 1961, including fruits, nuts, and vegetables, was 324 million acres, a reduction of one-eighth from 1930. The biggest reduction since 1930 in acreage has been in grains and cotton. The net difference in total cropland acreage in 1930 and 1961 for the country as a whole does not fully reflect shifts within States and counties. Farming methods together with improved land and water-use have increased production per acre, so that a much smaller cropland acreage can meet the 1962 demand for farm products. The shift in farm power since 1930 from horses and mules to tractors and trucks alone has released about 60 million acres of cropland, formerly used for feed, to other purposes.


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