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Farmers' cooperatives are an important force to promote agricultural and rural modernization and rural revitalization. From an investigation, it is found that the development of some farmers' cooperatives is not standardized. Prominent problems are as follows: firstly, the operating mechanism is not standardized, and there is a contradiction between democratic decision-making and management efficiency; secondly, the supervision and management are not standardized, and some cooperatives even resort to deceit to obtain financial subsidies; thirdly, the distribution mechanism is not standardized, and core members invade the interests of small peasant households, so the motivation of ordinary peasant households to participate in cooperatives is not high. It is recommended to strengthen the assessment and supervision of cooperatives, implement the "late funding" model, improve the efficiency of financial support, strengthen the training of farmers, establish a interest linkage mechanism of farmers and cooperatives, protect the rights of members, and promote the standardized development of farmers' cooperatives.


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