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African economies depend largely on agriculture. Most people in Africa spend most of their lives in rural areas. Agriculture is an important sector of African industry and economy, it employs more than half of the population and accounts more than half of the national income. Due to population increase the food security remains an issue. In accordance of the lack of domestic capacities of African countries to deal with the problem, it is particularly important to increase assistance from developed countries. African States are expected to demonstrate the ability to implement policies that will change with the funds received / while receiving funds. However, for various reasons, despite numerous aid packages, it/Africa remains backward. This article examines the impact of foreign aid on agricultural productivity and the impact of the quality of management on development aid flows. As examples, it was decided to take such countries as Ghana, Cameroon and Mali. The purpose of this article is to confirm the hypothesis that development assistance correlates positively with the productivity of agriculture. The second hypothesis suggests that development aid flows respond to the quality of public administration. As for the results, the impact between the variables was recorded, but the results were ambiguous.


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