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n the digital era, implementing an effective marketing strategy requires a more comprehensive view of the marketing strategy than in the past. The concepts of older approaches are already ineffective today, but we consider it important to mention them. Organizations focus on improving production, achieving low cost and mass distribution. The product concept is based on the conviction of consumers who prefer products with the highest quality or innovative characteristics. Managers focus on producing quality products and subsequently improving them. The disadvantage is the disproportionate focus on the product (marketing near-sightedness) as on consumption. The sales concept is characterized by a gradual increase in competition and market saturation. With this characteristic, managers are using a more aggressive fixed sales strategy, paying more attention to sales and building improved sales channels. The most modern approach is the holistic marketing concept that came about with the advent of the digital era. It is a dynamic concept conditional on electronic connectivity and interactivity between the agricultural company, its customers and collaborators. It integrates value exploration, building and delivering activities for mutually satisfying relationships and shared prosperity among stakeholders. This paper summarizes the most important results of the questionnaire survey of selected companies carried out under the title: Analysis of the current support of e-marketing activities in selected enterprises of the wine sector in Slovakia. The results of the questionnaire survey are evaluated in the text based on submitted scientific hypotheses.


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