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In order to determine the perception of the Jalisco State of agricultural sector have producers, entrepreneurs and academics, when analyzing the period 1982 to 2018, this study was carried out. It selected 30 producers, 10 entrepreuners and 5 academics in each of the Cienega and Northern Regions of the State of Jalisco considered. All three groups were surveyed their own workplaces, about their personal perception of globalization and its impact on the current of Jalisco State agricultural situation, after 36 years from its implementation (1982) to its final theorist (2018). The data collected in both regions were analyzed using square Chi (x2) tests, at 95% confidence, also using Descriptive Statistics by region and analysis group considered. The results do not indicate significant statistical differences by region, but yes by groups analyzed, according to their perception of the impact of globalization. Producers consider that globalization did not improve the economic environment of the regions and, on the contrary, it caused more poverty and inequality; while for entrepreuners, globalization improved productivity and quality of life in general. For their part, were discrepancies equally among academics as to the positive and/or negative impact of this globalization. There is no doubt that Globalization is a complex phenomenon that has contrasting results, and that its success or failure depends on the way it is handled by the authorities, however, highlighting in this study, by the increase in poverty and economic unequally generated.


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