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In the winter of 2018-2019 an alfalfa experiment (Medicago sativa L.) of the excellence variety was established through a design of randomized block experiments in the San Antonio de los Bravos experimental field of the UAAAN Laguna Unit with 6 types of fertilization : T1, T2 and T5 organic fertilization based on vermicompost, T3 and T4 mineralized fertilization; and T6 as a witness. The purpose was to achieve the production of green forage ton•ha-1; The main objective was to generate doses of organic fertilization that allowed the reduction of alfalfa production costs. In the analysis of the results on that particular; minor costs were achieved in T6 with $9,700 pesos•ha-1, followed by T3 with $14,436 pesos•ha-1; and how third the T1 $14,700 pesos•ha-1. It is necessary to mention that in the ANOVA with the production of green fodder.ha-1 there was no statistical difference between the treatments; but the treatment with the highest production was T3 with 6.2 ton•ha-1 and followed by T1 with 5.9 ton•ha-1; while the production of the control treatment was 5.8 ton•ha-1.


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