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Key Points to Consider: It is essential that NAIPs: -Align to the SDGs, Agenda 2063, the Malabo Declaration and the long term national vision and medium term growth and development plan to ensure coherence in development efforts. -Malabo CAADP NAIPs seek to move beyond production to encompass inclusive economic growth, poverty reduction and the creation of employment through agricultural transformation agendas to achieve food security and nutrition for all. -Food security should be adequately conceptualized, including all four elements namely availability, access, nutrition and stability/resilience. Programs based only on production activities will not achieve the Malabo targets. -Strong and streamlined coordination structures are essential for effective coordination of comprehensive programs for food security and nutrition. Key messages regarding the zero draft of the Ugandan Agriculture Sector Strategic Plan 2015/16 – 2019/20 -The ASSP is reportedly the operationalization strategy for the National Agriculture Policy (NAP) and as it stands does not cover all the elements necessary for a NAIP. -A disconnect in the positioning of food security and nutrition exists across the Constitution, the Vision 2040, the NDP II, the NAP and the ASSP. -Coordination structures are unclear.


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