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This paper investigates the total factor productivity (TFP) in Greek crop farms. The Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN) is used as a resource which considers eight types of farming and covering the period 2004-2017. The Färe-Primont indices are employed to estimate total factor productivity change and to determine and explain the changes in its technology and efficiency ellements. It also compares changes in 2004-08, 2008-13 and 2013-17 sub-periods, since after 2008 Greece has experienced the economic crisis. Farms experience great technological regress of 11% or at an average rate of 0.81% annually. In addition, growth rates of TFP and efficiency are presented over the sub-periods. The results do indicate a decrease in TFP by 3% or at an average rate of 0.25% annually for crop farming during 2004-2017. COP and olive farms have the highest TFP increase, 18% and 19% respectively while permanent crops have the lowest (4%). Further the results demonstrate that on average, the technical regress (11%) results in a 3% reduction in Greek crop production which prevails the improvement in overall efficiency by 6%.


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