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As farmers are exposed to risk and uncertainty, they are unable to make optimal choices. The main purpose of this paper was to present how farmers perceive risk in agriculture.To meet the objective defined above, this paper relied on the results of a 2018 survey conducted with a sample of 137 legume farms across the country. The information was analyzed and described with the use of descriptive statistics methods. Also, the correlation between selected characteristics was assessed with the Pearson’s contingency coefficient (C) based on the chi-square test of independence. Most interviewees (71%) perceive the effects of risk as the possible emergence of losses or profits, while 29% associate risks with losses only. None of the interviewees declared the perception of risks purely as an opportunity to reap benefits. The respondents believe that agricultural businesses should be most wary of production risk (an average rating of 11.6) and market risk (8.1 to 9.0).


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