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The purpose of this paper is to identify the progress made in research on demand factors of development of the Polish organic food market in 2004-2018, to present the strengths and weaknesses of relevant research and identify cognitive gaps in this respect. The review is restricted to Polish literature because of the particularities of the domestic organic food market which reflect its immaturity. The analysis focused on the last fifteen years (2004–2018). The papers were retrieved from the Web of Science Core Collection, Scopus, Google Scholar and BazEkon, basing on four keywords: demand for organic food; purchasing behavior of organic food consumers; availability of organic food; and organic food prices. The article presents a review of research from 107 publications. The review of research findings suggests that progress has been made in the identification of key demand factors of development of the organic food market. Some development barriers (high prices, limited availability of the product range) were not removed in the study period. The weakness of the relevant research is the insufficient use of complex statistical methods.


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