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The aim of the study is to compare price competitiveness in Poland and Lithuania based on selected food products and catering services. Special attention was paid to selected parameters characterizing both countries and retail prices of products available under specific brands in selected retail outlets. Secondary and primary studies were carried out for the purpose of the research. Empirical research in the field of price competitiveness of selected food products and catering services was carried out in Poland and Lithuania in May and June of the current year. As a hypermarket, Carrefour was selected in Poland, while in Lithuania – Maxima, and as a supermarket, Carrefour Express (Poland) and IKI (Lithuania). The selection of these stores was made on the basis of retail trade reports in Poland and Lithuania presenting the largest retail chains. Based on our research, it can be pointed out that the products available on the Polish market were mostly characterized by lower prices compared to products present on the Lithuanian market. This indicates their greater price competitiveness.


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