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Globally, business organization units and government bodies are becoming much more aware of the need for environmental management, socially responsible behaviour, sustainable growth and development. In Bulgarian economy mentioned processes have been initiated within the several key sectors that are basically among the biggest polluters. To evaluate the issues concerning environmental standards the direction of the analysis is based on consumers’ point of view. The main aim of the article is to analyse and evaluate attitudes of Bulgarian consumers toward environmental standards implementation in Bulgaria. The study is divided into 3 parts: 1) literature review concerning the need of implementation of environmental standards; 2) description of the used methodology and research toward implementation of ISO 14001 in Bulgaria by the opinion of the consumers; and 3) Analysis of the gathered information. On this basis, conclusions about the prospects for their development in the Bulgaria are drawn. The collected information and results are based on scientific project concerning the implementation of Standards for Social and Environmental Responsibility in Bulgaria (NI 1-4/2014).


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