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Currently in Number 143 Rural Development District, 12 municipalities of the state of Sonora converge, which have been benefited with the delivery of stimulus support to the production of Sorghum forage, it has been detected that the beneficiary number has been decreasing during the last two years, for this reason the objective of the research is to analyze the impact of the productive capitalization component of the Sorgo Forrajero seed technological packages within the rural agricultural economic units in the area of the Rural Development District 143, Moctezuma, Sonora. For this research, primary and secondary sources were used for the collection of information, among the first we can mention the use of a survey, unstructured interview and direct observation. In the secondary sources we can highlight the use of bibliographic information contained in texts of books, articles and journals related to the central theme of the research. Among the outstanding results, the core was to obtain information regarding the main causes why producers are not interested in requesting support, it is also important to mention that producers recognize the benefits they have obtained from the program, and at the same time Emphasis is placed on the need for the supports to arrive in a timely manner, since sometimes the economic importance is not in accordance with their needs for the sowing of rain fed, a type that due to climatic and territorial situations are the customary in the district.


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