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Browse (shrubs, trees, and vines) species are important sources of feed for small ruminants in Alabama and many other states of the U.S. Information on the production period of these species is important to prepare a year-round grazing plan to utilize them well. The objective of the study was to determine the leaf-shedding time of common browse species suitable for small ruminants. This study was conducted at the Atkins Agroforestry and Browse Research and Demonstration Site of Tuskegee University, Alabama. Ten samples of each browse species were tagged, and leafyellowing and leaf-fall data collected using photoplots every 14 days until all leaves were shed. Out of 31 species studied, four were early shedders and four were evergreen species. The variation in leaf-shedding time among browse species can be useful for selecting suitable species to incorporate into the grazing systems and utilizing them well.


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