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As the global competitiveness accelerates in the world, it is a major challenge for the companies to attract talents and attain them within the company. The business needs to contribute to the well-being of the community and society they affect. High salary alone is no longer effective tool for the business, people want to work in the company whose values match their own values and that impact contribute to society and environment. For the business is crucial to know what kind of aspects influence on a particular group of stakeholder (job seekers and employees) decision to choose a place of work. The core research statement is, how CSR based factors influence on employer attractiveness and how these factors impact on the choice of employees in choosing a company for working. This study is exploratory, a quantitative approach is applied. Questionnaire examines interest of one of the stakeholders, particularly employees’ or prospective employees’ perception toward company CSR. According to the results, CSR dimensions (economic, social and environment) were measured by the respondents as highly important for an organization. However, at what extent CSR can be considered as the strongest tool for attracting new talents in the organization and keeping them for a long period is difficult to be measured. Taking into consideration other determinants on employer attractiveness, CSR alone can not attract and attain talents in the organization, but can be one strong determinant that could encourage workers to stay committed to the organization.


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