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For a long time, the amount of fertilizer applied to peanuts in China has been much higher than that of other main peanut producing countries. At the same time of increasing production, chemical fertilizers have also brought many adverse effects, which have brought potential threats to the sustainable development of peanut production. While continuously increasing the yield, reducing the amount of chemical fertilizer has become an urgent problem to be solved in peanut production of China. Based on the research results of our team, this paper appropriately absorbed the latest research progress of chemical fertilizer reduction in related fields, and established the cultivation technique for peanut fertilizer reduction and high yield under different cultivation modes, to realize the synchronization of fertilizer reduction and yield increase for peanut production. The technique includes two parts: common technology and different cultivation mode fertilization schemes. The former includes crop rotation, proper deep tillage, application of organic fertilizer, selection of nutrient-efficient varieties, topdressing of foliar fertilizer, etc., the latter includes film mulching spring peanut, continuous cropping field, acidified soil,peanuts interplanting with wheat , and summer direct sowing, etc. This technique provides a technical support for the chemical fertilizer reduction of peanut production in China.


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