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There are many state-level poverty-stricken counties in the dry-hot valley areas of Jinsha River in China, with a wide range of poverty and extreme degree of poverty. The industry-supporting poverty alleviation ranks first in the “five batches” of China's targeted poverty alleviation strategy. The practice of planting in Luquan County since 2017 shows that the valleys and slopes on the dry-hot valley areas of Jinsha River with an altitude above 1 800 m have wide land suitable for sorghum planting, and suitable for introduction and planting. In recent years, the county has adopted the mode of enterprise + government + cooperative + poor household, introduced the Langzhitang wine factory, developed sorghum planting with large-scale, industrialized and specialized features to achieve stable income growth for the poor, and significant results have been achieved. Based on many field surveys, household surveys, and interviews with county and village leaders, this paper analyzes the specific practices and main effects of the county’s poverty alleviation model by developing sorghum planting industry, aiming to provide necessary reference for the targeted poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation in similar areas of Yunnan Province and other provinces.


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