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Disabled people are the poorest in the rural poor with the biggest difficulty in getting rid of poverty and the highest rate of returning to poverty. They are one of the key groups in rural poverty alleviation work. This is the key and difficult point of winning the fight against poverty. Luquan County is a national poverty-stricken county with a large number of disabled people. Since the implementation of the fight against poverty in 2016, the county has introduced a series of policies and measures to help the disabled to get rid of poverty from housing, medical care, schooling for children of the disabled and income increase, and good results have been achieved in poverty alleviation, making important contributions to the poverty alleviation of the county. Based on field research and interviews, this paper analyzes and condenses the specific practices, main results and successful experience of the poverty alleviation model in Luquan County, Yunnan Province to provide necessary reference for the targeted poverty alleviation by helping the disabled in Yunnan Province and other provinces.


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