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Purpose. The aim of the article is to identify the key problems in the financial support of agricultural enterprises and to find the ways of solving these problems. Methodology / approach. The methodological basis of the research is the systemic approach to the study of economic phenomena and processes, the scientific works of scientists on the problems of theory and practice of financial support the development of agricultural production. From the special methods of research there have been used economic-statistical, graphical, abstract-logical methods, analysis and synthesis. Results. The problems of financial support of Ukrainian agricultural enterprises in the context of modern conditions have been considered. The results of the analysis of the most pressing issues of financial support for economic development of agricultural enterprises of Cherkasy region are presented. The necessity of developing a mechanism for state support of the agricultural sector in the conditions of economic instability is substantiated. The main sources of financial support for agricultural enterprises are investigated and the main ways of their activation have been identified. Originality / scientific novelty. The scientific provision concerning the financial support for the development of agricultural enterprises has been further developed by substantiating the proposals for improvement of the mechanism of state support and credit support, and determining of its main components. Practical value / implications. Specific measures have been proposed to improve the financial-and-credit support of agricultural enterprises, both at the micro and macro levels.


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