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The solitary elderly people in rural areas are not only an important part of the rural population, but also an important issue that can not be ignored in the battle to get rid of poverty. In recent years, according to the working thinking of "accurate statistics, scientific arrangement, classified implementation, and rapid progress", Xundian County has gone through joint exploration and practice at the county and township levels, and has found out the path of work of "Five Batches Project" to solve the problem of poverty alleviation for the solitary elderly people and make them live in their own homes. This has effectively solved the problem of safe and stable housing for 4 443 solitary elderly people in the county. It has found a new way to solve the housing problem of the solitary elderly people. At the end of 2017, the incidence of poverty in the county dropped to 0.35%, and it was successfully listed as one of the first counties in Yunnan Province to get rid of poverty. Based on field research and interviews, this paper analyzes and summarizes the concrete methods, main achievements, practical experience, lessons and reference of the poverty alleviation model of "Five Batches Project" in Xundian County to solve the problem of housing for the elderly, in order to provide necessary reference for the poor counties in Yunnan Province and other similar provinces (cities, autonomous regions) to solve the problem of housing for "solitary elderly people" in Yunnan Province.


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