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The basic principle of Fenlong technology is to make full use of the cultivated layer and the below soil resources and natural precipitation. It can increase the amount of loosen soil by 1-2 times, water and oxygen by 1 time, and available nutrients by 10%-30%, surface air humidity by more than 10%, crop net photosynthetic efficiency by 10%-30%, biomass by 20%-30%, crop yield by 10%-50%, and crop quality by 5%, and decrease salt content by 20%-40% and the emission of methane and other gases by 10%. In this study, it is firstly proposed to establish a new research field——“Fenglong science of natural resources” (referred to as “Fenglong science”), and the research contents include Fenlong-based sciences of modern agricultural machinery and equipment for full-layer ploughing and bottom ploughing, tillage, crop cultivation, utilization of water resources (natural precipitation, farmland water conservancy, groundwater resources, etc.), conversion and utilization of saline-alkali land, arable degraded grassland reconstruction, ecological reconstruction of desertification land, ecological environment, climate change, economic and social development. It clarifies theory and enriches technology, and provides a major platform for carrying global population developing from more than 7 billion to 10 billion and helping people and nature to mutually benefit.


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