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To study the effects of different soil conditions on winter nutrient storage of Muscat Hamburg branches, this study compared the soil texture, bulk density, total salt content and soil K, Ca, Na, Mg and total Fe contents of Muscat Hamburg vineyards in Ninghe District and Hangu District, Binhai New Area of Tianjin and analyzed the soluble sugar and soluble protein contents in one-year-old vine branches. The results showed that the soil pH was lower, and the soil K, Ca and total salt (0.445%) contents were higher in the vineyard of Ninghe District than those in the vineyard of Hangu District. There were no significant differences in the soil Mg, Fe and Na contents between the vineyards in the two regions. The soil of the vineyard in Ninghe District is medium loam, and that in Hangu District is heavy loam. In short, all the soil indicators of the vineyard in Ninghe District were better than those in Hangu District except the indicator of soil salt content. The soluble sugar and soluble protein contents of one-year-old vine branches differed significantly between the two regions.


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