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Poverty alleviation has entered a decisive period. If we want to maintain poverty alleviation results, it is unsustainable to rely on solely on external forces and must rely on its endogenous motivation. Xundian County is located in the Wumeng Mountain area in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River which is a concentrated contiguous extreme poverty-stricken area. Although the natural conditions are poor and the foundation is weak, it took the lead in poverty alleviation throughout the province at the end of 2017 with a poverty rate of 0.35%. Moreover, the poverty alleviation achievements have been stabilized, and the incidence of poverty declined to 0.25% in 2018. These are inseparable from the unique “three stresses and three commentaries” to stimulate endogenous motivation. This article systematically studies the poverty alleviation model of “three stresses and three commentaries” to stimulate endogenous motivation in the county. Through in-depth analysis of the specific content, operation process, work achievements and typical cases of the model, the internal mechanism of action is obtained, and its experience worthy of reference are summarized. It is believed that stimulating endogenous motivation will make poverty alleviation more targeted and poverty alleviation achievements more stable, and it is a mature practice worth promoting to the whole country.


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