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Agricultural intellectual property has the functions of carrying forward agricultural cultural heritage, encouraging agricultural scientific and technological innovation, cultivating the brand of agricultural products and so on. The protection and application of agricultural intellectual property rights can enhance the vitality, innovation and competitiveness of agricultural economy, and promote the strategy of high-quality agricultural development and rural revitalization. Ginseng is a traditional medicinal variety with superior characteristics in Northeast China, and it is one of the most famous "three treasures" in Northeast China. This paper introduces ginseng (Panax ginseng C. A. Mey.) and its medicinal value, analyzes the traditional knowledge, biological genetic resources, new plant varieties, patents, geographical indications, trademarks and other agricultural intellectual property resources of ginseng, studies the traditional Chinese medicine GAP certification and certification of "Three Agricultural Products" and the construction of the dominant area of agricultural product (Fusong ginseng) with Chinese characteristics, and explores the rural revitalization strategy and traditional Chinese medicine development strategy, ginseng agricultural intellectual property protection and high quality development strategy.


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