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Application of science and technology for the community (IbM) in the form of Liquid Smoke Technology Application in Bali Cattle Farmers Group in Tanete Riaja Sub-district of Barru Regency has been made on two partners of IbM namely Sikapa Livestock Group and Group of Lempang Bwhich lasted for five months. This activity aims to improve the skills of livestock group members in the application of animal husbandry technology to problem-solvingto increase the productivity of cattle kept in cages. Balinese cattle sightings require the provision of feed in the form of cut and carry while forage feed availability during the year is uneven. The availability of forage is very low in the dry season and when the cultivation of rice. Feed processing and forage in abundance is the best solution for feed fulfillment especially forages throughout the year.The method of implementation was in the form of training (theory and practice), action research, and assistance to making theproduct. The application of feed products on Balinese cattle at cage was made. Preparation of feed in the form of urea, coconut water, liquid smoke, multinutrient block (UCSMB) and probiotic fermented rice straw is given to farmers in the form of training in both groups of partners. Feeding experiment UCSMB and straw fermented probiotic performed on 12 cattle for 26 days. Weighing the cattle was done before and after treatment to find out the value of average daily gain. Six cattle are slaughtered,and then muscle Longissimus dorsi quality analyzed regarding the shear force value raw and cooked meat (RMSF and CMSF), cooking loss (CL), flesh water binding ability (WHC) and the level of acidity (pH) of meat. The results showed that during the training the farmers were very enthusiastic about the material is given. Post-training of livestock groups has made the manufacture of UCSMB as much as 200kg and 300kg of fermented straw. The weight gain of Balinese cattle during maintenance at the cage 0.55kg / day, the quality of meat increased with increasing concentration of liquid smoke and maturation time. At the concentration of liquid smoke 20% of raw and cooking shear force (RMSF and CMSF) decreased to 3.23 and 3.68 kg / cm2 respectively, cooking loss decreased to 13.42%, WHC increased to 20.23, and pH decreased to 5.98. It can be concluded that the application of liquid smoke in UCSMB feed increases the productivity of Balinese cattle in rural livestock.


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