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In this research, it is aimed to determine the perspective of orange producers in Turkey to solve the problems related to orange marketing. For this purpose, cities located in Mediterranean Region of Turkey such as Adana, Antalya, Mersin, and Hatay in which orange production concentrates are considered as the area scope of the study. In the study, primary data acquired by the implementation of survey that was carried out by face to face interview method with 145 orange producer are used. The selection of a model establishment is determined according to stratified sampling method. Analysis and evaluation of micro data acquired in the level of producer is implemented on SPSS 18.0 program. Simple Descriptive Statistics and Likert Scale are implemented as data analysis method in the research. The ratio of those who think that it is necessary to develop organizing at the level of producers in solving problems related to orange marketing is 43.0%. The ratio of those who think necessary to improve the domestic and foreign market opportunities is 63.4%. 37.3% think that it is necessary to make direct income support to orange producers. In addition, 29.6% of respondents think that marketing infrastructure needs to be improved. 16.8% of respondents think that they need to improve the level of education / knowledge of producers. The percentage of people who think that the orange juice industry needs improvement is 26.0%. Moreover, the ratio of those who think that they need to increase export incentives is 22.5%, those who think that they need more support for production and marketing are 11.2%, and those who think that the development of organized retail (super-hypermarket chains) is necessary is determined as 5.0%.


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