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Development, improvement and the desire to reach a better level have been the main aims of every community, group or state in every period of the world. The dominant capital systems and elements in the world are generous about the economic and social development of the metropolitan areas where people live intensely. Yet, this does not apply to rural areas on the same scale. It is now well understood that achieving economic prosperity in rural areas is a major factor in the formation of healthier societies. In this sense, rural development practices and policies are found in many countries as well as in Turkey. One of the fields related to agriculture or non-agricultural activities is the textile sector in this direction. The textile experience of Turkey comes from Ottoman Empire, since 16th century, it had already advance textile production. In the last decade, the textile industry of Turkey is developing as one of the main segments of the economy and the share of GDP. It seems that the textile sector in Turkey is trying to be strengthened through rural entrepreneurs, especially through individual entrepreneurs. It is known that, Turkey has recently been given various incentives, especially with its 8th Five Year Rural Development Plan and other strategic moves. In this study, the situation is briefly examined and aimed to reveal what type of textile activities are shown mainly in selected cities in terms of individual entrepreneurship.


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