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The aim of the article is to present good practices of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and diagnosis of development the concept of sustainable development in Polish enterprises. Increasingly the thesis who pointed out that there is a need to redefine the concept of success in business and discussion on the role of business in society, including the scope of their responsibility for the social and environmental problems that face the world. Business becomes interested in environmental issues, social and sustainable development. This involves not only the growing consumption of natural resources, but also increasing their prices. It directly requires enterprises to look for alternative solutions, including clean technologies based on renewable energy sources. There is also increasing pressure from the environment, stakeholders to preserve the environment and the use of clean technologies. A contemporary consumer, moving every day in the world of advanced technologies, is a searching unit, treating fixed goods as means to achieve the goal and not as goals as such. He gradually assumes an anti-tech approach by coming back to the nature, intangible values, tradition, which results, without limitation in his involvement in the protection of the natural environment, the establishment of stable relations in local communities and the cultivation of regional habits. This puts new challenges to enterprises addressing their offer to such target segments. The result of the growing interest in clean technologies is the dynamic growth of these markets and the increased number of practices implemented by the company. XXI century is the rapid development of new technology and interest in new industries and even the influx of capital to support investments in responsible solutions. Proponents of corporate social responsibility in enterprises encouraged to implement CSR strategies and operating companies wonder how to engage stakeholders in the process and measure the effects of business and social actions. In contrast, critics ask about the sense of engaging business in CSR initiatives and accuse the companies instrumental use of social activities and ecological order to correct or even whitening image.


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