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Satisfaction is a concept that is often used in conjunction with the customer concept. The customer can be a company or a person. Customer satisfaction means satisfaction of customer requests and expectations. Customer satisfaction in the service sector is achieved through the provision of customer expectations, immediate needs and requests during service delivery. In this study, it was investigated whether the attitudes and behaviors of students about the quality of service provided by the university students mealhouse meet expectations. 385 surveys were conducted face to face with the students in order to determine the expectations and behaviors related to refectory. The questionnaires were distributed according to the weight of the students in the total number of students of the faculties. The questionnaires were transferred to the database created in the SPSS statistical package program and the subjects were grouped according to the gender status. As a result, the resulting crossover charts are interpreted in detail. Accordingly, the appropriateness of prices among the reasons students prefer to eat is at the forefront. This rate was 52.40% for girls and 45.40% for boys. However, it has been determined that the rate of students liking dishes from the dining room is very low. While the rate of female students' liking of food has been 2.70%, this rate was slightly higher in male students and it was calculated as 8.00%. Other reasons for preference include proximity, friendliness and compulsion.


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