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Although there are an increasing number of methods treating children with learning and behavioral problems, the provided results are in a lot of cases not self-evident. During my work and research it has gotten clear that all participants, children and parents included, need a feedback on achievements. As most of the times these children suffer a lack of attention during their studies a neurofeedback system was implemented in a movement-development course to provide a more scientific approach in developing their minds. Using this method the gathered data can be used to analyze the growth of participating children and doing so the course can be adjusted if needed. Developing the system also ensures that participants meet various challenges to train their focus while a playful atmosphere is maintained. The question is it worth doing it this way? In today’s economical situation various factors must be considered on different levels to answer. On a basic level it must be considered what will a child gain if he/she goes through a developmental course. Will being successful outweigh the cost of training, is it worth for parents or on a higher level for society to invest more resources?


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