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Bakery products are widely consumed and therefore particular requirements for their quality and safety characteristics should be established. Carossan ( a pastry new product ) is produced under various conditions of processing starting by mixing the ingredients until baking. The main problem in this product is the variation in the final product in terms of shape and texture in addition to its safety. This variation could be due to many factors such as the fermentation time, Oven temperature and production stage. Our main goal in this project is to study the causes and finding solutions for the variation in the carossan quality. Five different treatments were selected to achieve our goal according to these variation. Chemical and Sensory evaluations were done to study the quality of the Carossan. It was found that the lowest pH value was for the treatment that has significantly the highest fermentation time (12 hr). Also, it was found that the highest water activity was obtained for the treatments that had the lowest oven temp. at stage 3 of baking. The best Carossan type that had the highest overall acceptability scores and can easily be manufactured. This Carossan was the one that was produced under 7 hr. fermentation/ 160-220 C Oven temp./ the product taken from the middle of the production stage. More studies are needed to achieve the highest quality Carossan especially the mixing stage. Therefore, Mixograph study should be done to determine the best mixing conditions.


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